Reshaping Tomorrow’s Financial Services

First is the largest digital assets group in Europe, led by a team of Fintech experts and Cyber Security professionals. Through our portfolio brands, we create products and services that enable our partners to take part in the new digital revolution.

The group stands on three pillars: incubation of innovative financial products, direct investment in blockchain companies and partnerships with large financial corporations.

First’s portfolio brands include K1 (Digital Assets Liquidity), Knox (Custodianship for Digital Assets), Titan (Enterprise-grade digital asset banking services ) and One Alpha (Blockchain research and analysis), asset management services & proprietary algorithmic trading. The group caters to large corporates and brands, financial institutions, family offices, hedge funds and HNWIs. In parallel, First Group also implements KYC and liquidity actions for 30 leading trading websites.

First is subject to the highest compliance and regulatory standards (in the US and soon in Switzerland and UK). The group has raised significant funds (in equity)  from several leading VCs and Super-Angels such as Target Global, Yariv Gilat and Sir Ronald Cohen.