Impact of partnerships in the crypto ecosystem

the panel will explore in detail the core concept underlying ‘tokenization’ and how it has continued to garner an increasing amount of momentum across the global digital landscape

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Impact of partnerships in the crypto ecosystem

Since its inception nearly a decade ago, the Money20/20 conference has cemented its position as being one of the leading global stages where industry leaders from the world of payments, banking, fintech, and financial services have come together to discuss new and disruptive ways to move, manage, spend and borrow money.

In this regard, as the crypto market has continued to grow and evolve over the years, an increasing number of mainstream partnerships have continued to redefine this space. As part of this session, Joseph Bruzessi (Managing Director for BitGo America), Elizabeth Matthew (Executive Director for Consensys) and I will take a look at MetaMask’s recent partnership with BitGo and how it stands to serve as a key milestone allowing organizations to leverage leading custody solutions in order to seamlessly discover and interact with the DeFi market.

Additionally, the panel will also explore in detail the core concept underlying ‘tokenization’ and how it has continued to garner an increasing amount of momentum across the global digital landscape, becoming a pathway in terms of bridging the gap that currently exists between currencies, countries, and traditional financial systems.

Lastly, the session will also explore the idea of how partnerships amongst mainstream entities such as BitGo and Metamask can help foster better opportunities for crypto enthusiasts all over the planet, thus, in turn, allowing for the creation of a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

About the panel

Joseph is the managing director for premier cryptocurrency exchange BitGo (Americas division), currently tasked with overseeing the platforms’ day-to-day operations, especially those related to crypto custody, trading, borrowing & lending. Prior to that, he served as the asst. vice president for CrediFi, one of the world’s largest financial data and analytics firms. Bruzessi has also worked in the capacity of an analyst for media giant Bloomberg and banking behemoth Merrill Lynch.

Elizabeth Matthew is an executive director at Consensys, a software engineering leader that has made a massive name for itself within the fast-evolving blockchain universe. The company’s suite of full-stack Ethereum products are designed to help developers build next-generation networks in a highly simple, streamlined manner. Matthew has previously worked for crypto regulatory outfit as well as traditional banking giants including JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank.

About Ran Goldi

The moderator for the event is Ran Goldi, CEO of First Digital, a blockchain-based payments firm that is looking to create a financial ecosystem that allows users to transact freely across a number of different asset classes including stablecoins, CBDCs, fiat currencies.

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